Unlock Digital Stickers on DiggyWorld.com and on GetGlue!

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getglue_thumb.jpgExclusive Diggy stickers are now available on GetGlue! Check-in when you visit DiggyWorld.com via the GetGlue widgets (on the right side of the homepage, and on the Tour page) to unlock the digital stickers below!

You can also check in on Diggy's GetGlue page HERE. Plus if you unlock 20 stickers on GetGlue, you'll get a sheet of physical stickers mailed to you! Check out the exclusive Diggy stickers below, and download the official "JetSetter Passport" HERE to start collecting!

#JetSetters - keep an eye out for Diggy's street team in areas where Diggy is visiting to pick up a physical version of the passport! Start checking in to collect your stickers now! Keep it locked on to DiggyWorld.com and GetGlue.com for more Diggy stickers, coming soon!


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Most girls only like you because your cute! I'm not trying to say your not cute, I mean ur HOT...But i also like you because of your music!!!!

Ikr I have heard all of his songs and my favorite is "4 Letter Word

I Love Daniel Soooooo Much . I Cousd DayDream About Him All Day ! He Is My On And Only . I Could Listen To His Music For The Rest Of My Life And Still Bob My Head When Im 89 . Love To Love Him . Ill Always Cheer For You Lovee ! GO DANIEL GO !

Alright, alright, alright!!! I'm so Airborne!

Happy Birthday DIG.!!!! =)

Um yes the album is here and i that recently purchased it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DIGGY

Whooooo... Everyy day he looks better and better... Shoot not even Channing Tatum could beat Digs lookks... =) Haha.!

absolutely loveeeeeeeeeee u babe my babe diggy all dayyyyyyyy :)

:) They're so amazing!!

Diggy I LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!