Parental Guidance Update

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Happy Holidays Jetsetters.

Please be advised Diggy will not be featured in the Fox release of "Parental Guidance" due to final creative changes. Thank you everyone for your continued support. Have a wonderful Christmas!



That Really Does Suck!!! I Was Just About To Get That On Netflix; But, Since Diggy's Not In It, There Is No Way Im Getting It Now. By The Way, Parental Guidance Is Indeed A MOVIE, NOT A SHOW.

Wait...yall are sayin that diggy was supposed to be on a show

- Aww Mann :( Well hey he is doing Bigger & Better Things :)

i agrie

WHAT?!?!? RIDICULOUS. I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCHING IT JUST FOR HIM..I KNOW IT'S NOT DIGGY'S FAULT BUT DAMN. At least have a show on the west coast PLEASE?! <3333 at least L.A., if not San Diego!! :)