MTV Buzzworthy Q&A with Diggy [Video]

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diggy_qa.jpgDiggy stopped by MTV's Buzzworthy and opened up about his favorite track off of "Unexpected Arrival", his celebrity crush, his guilty pleasures, what being a JetSetter means, and much much more. Head over to to read the full post, and check out Diggy's Q&A below!


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luv the video diggy ur so creative luv ya

and so is the rest of the world

no she's not

Go Diggy! His smile is gorgeous :D

you weird

lol ok diggy interesting . i like the way u say bananas you say it like ba -nana well good luck with that i actually want to ask you serious questions.

HIS smile so sxy! especially when u meet him!

it wont let me watch it :(

he had a big smile when he said rihanna lol

i.d no y , but everytime i listen or look at anything that has to do with diggy... i cnt help but smiling :) lol