Diggy Announced as a "Muve First Artist" for April!

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Diggy been announced as one of April's "Muve First Artists" and has partnered with Muve Music to release a Muve Sessions album titled "Unexpected Arrival" to Muve Music subscribers before it hits any other service! Learn the stories behind each track on the Muve Sessions album for "Unexpected Arrival," available exclusively on Muve Music. Additional exclusive video will be available on Muve Music's YouTube channel www.youtube.com/CricketNation with Diggy in studio with Muve Music.

For more info visit http://www.mycricket.com/muve-music.

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Muve music is like an mp3 in the crickets smartphones

exactly what I'm wondering and what is "Muve Music" LOL

But whennnnnnnn do we get the videos? lol