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My Name Is Jessica Brianna Houston, I Was Born In Houston But Moved To The Dallas,Tx Area When I Was 3yr's Old. I Work At The Life Academy Private School while Im in My 3rd Semester At Collin College Majoring In Education. Im Black and Hlaf Cheroke Indian, Height:5'10..Im A Christian and I Love To Eat. In The Near Future I hope to change childrens lives as a teacher and make my classroom feel like a second home to birthday is July 5th , 1995. My Mom died in 2005 when i was 10yrs old and i never knew my dad. i had to be a role model for my little sister at a young age and as time passes by ive become in a mature 19yr old young adult. "If you wanna be somebody, If you wanna go somewhere, You better wake up and pay attention!" ( qoute i use to tell me students)
Free Hand Draw, Play Basetball & Soccer & Roller Skating. Love to listen to Neon Soul and RnB Music Mostly. Love Me Some Mexican Food (ME lIKEY)
Favorite Bands: 
Boyz 2 Men, SWV..I Love them old school songs that have meaning and life to it. not all the songs that degrade women nowadays..get yo lyfe hunty
United States
Jessica Houston
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i have never been to a concert before in my life..but i would like to go to a diggy simmons concert as my first concert, that would be a dream come true.
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Dont have twitter..not big on technolgy and ik it quite shocking since im 19 and all but im just diffrent that way.
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