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Simone G

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About Me: 
Love hang out with my family and friends. Family come first in my life. Then everything else. Love to sing, dance, cook, do art, and helping my brothers and my uncle's with their music and having girl time with my mom and my sister and aunt's. I also love to have a good time. I love trying new things. Life is short u going to make mistakes but all u can do is get back up and keep trying. Never let somebody tell u wat to do unless if they trying to help u. Then u should listen other then that for get wat the haters say u only live once have fun. But make the right choice. <3 ;) <3
Cooking, Art, Music, Singing, Dancing, and Trying something new
Favorite Bands: 
Idk I like a lot of bands it's hard to tell u my favorite band
United States
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
When I went to six flags with my family. We saw Jacob Latimore and Diggy performed. It was post to be only Jacob Latimore but Diggy was there. He was the surprise guest we was all waiting for the crowded went wild. It was so fun everybody was sing and dancing and having fun. It was my favorite concert ever I got to get on all the rides and got to see Jacob Latimore and Diggy. <3 :) <3
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